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Team Hetalia: World Police!
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Team Hetalia : World Police
Originally a group of people that met one fateful day in London, this sorry lot seems to have evolved into a terrible super hero team of strange morals and breast obessions. They enjoy groping, cosplaying and laughing entirely too hard at phrases like 'special relationships' and 'international relations'.

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alanna_liaxa - coming soon

Has no distinguishing features, which helps when she cosplays Canada. Third tallest. Will probably be the one taking photos of everyone else, being bemused, and causing all the rum to be gone.
{Canada} {Poland} {Lithuania}

bobbiechan - coming soon

chocotomatoe - coming soon

Can generally be found either cowering in a corner somewhere, or cuddling up to somebody. And I rather like Prumano and Amerimano.
{South Italy}

Is apparently the mother of the group, while at the same time convinced that she is a gay man. She has some really unsubtle obsessions. When not cosplaying, she's studying film in the hope that she will one day be able to worship at the feet of Peter Jackson.
{China} {Chibi!England} {Medieval!France} {Germania}

jomomie - coming soon

Captain of the Good Ship Kink and all it surveys, eternal shota, sometimes writes things down, British gentleman gentleman gentleman, undresses people with her eyes, enjoys touching pretty things, banned from most kitchens.
{England} {Latvia} {Poland}

So faggy it's near-painful sometimes. My headvoice is my manself - Lucian says {hello}. The thwip-lyricist and main proprietor of spoonerisms.
{Casual!Canada} {Quebec} {Britania Angel} {Butler England} {Ukraine}

Is a danger to herself and is somehow shota despite being legal. Not so secretly yandere. Also, she can feel your heart beating in your brain.
{Latvia} {Russia}

My house is the Gayinator, I enjoy speaking Spanish at people and when not in THWP I fight crime as the Masked Lez.
{England} {Austria} {Spain}

This is Mod-One of the TH:WP Comm. [Radiio][Ships everything. Forever.][Doesn't know, she's English.][Would sell her soul for gentlemanly clothing... and has. Several times.][Writes angst to get herself out of angsty moods.][Should probably be working.][Loves the theatre.]
{Lithuania} {France} {Prussia}

This is Mod-Two of the TH:WP comm. She enjoys things that are red, things that are shiny, things that are delicious and things that make a noise when you poke them. She does not enjoy the dark, areas with low net coverage, and does not appreciate being called 'Tsundere'.
{Hungary} {Estonia}

I'm an animation student at uni, slowly dying from the overload of work ;A; I generally ship anyone/spain, and turkey/greece and FrUk :3
{Spain} {Bulgaria} {Greece}

starfishyfish - coming soon

starrose17 - coming soon

xephy - coming soon

Did I mention we're obsessed with breasts?

being awesome, cosplaying, hetalia, large tracts of land, vital regions, weeeeengh, with your teeth