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CNY updates!
can has tact plz
So, updates about Chinese New Year this weekend and actual details this time! :D!

We'll be meeting up from Saturday to Sunday, but if you can only make one day, Sunday might be better- that's when the main celebrations will be happening. ヽ(´ー`)ノ Slight change of plan in that we'll be staying at Marthur's kitamurin, not mine, on Saturday night, but that's not a problem, right?

Saturday 5th - Meet up at 3pm inside Charing Cross rail station, probably around Tie Rack in the station itself. From there we can derp about, go see the decorations in Chinatown, do whatever people think is good.
In the evening we'll go to Marthur's (if you have a sleeping bag/blanket/pillow/whatever it might be good to bring it as usual), IF ANYBODY HAS INCEPTION ON DVD IT... MIGHT BE GOOD TO BRING IT... :DDD
Sunday 6th is the day they're celebrating Chinese New Year in Chinatown! Meet up at 1pm in Leicester Square tube station (please let us know in advance if you're doing this so we know to wait for you |D), and from there we can either go straight to the celebrations or we can go get lunch. Apparently there are lots of special new year's deals.

There's also a vague Furuba theme just because it's New Year's (year of the rabbit! :D) but of course you don't have to follow it -u-

RSVP/do me uh answer? Does this sound ok to people? ♥

恭喜發財! February meet!
thé de haute classe
Guys guys guys is it time for another meet yet? I tried to look for excuses to meet up in the near future and remembered that Chinese New Year is coming up! With a parade in Chinatown in London!! \o/ And then vague planning happened from there. Which I am trying to coherently put together.

Chinese New Year is on Thursday the 3rd of February but because that's a weekday and people have school and stuff, how about a meet on the 5th-6th February, that weekend?

Something like
- Possible meeting up in London/derping/museums/whatever you like on Saturday the 5th
- Back to my house (in Bromley, 15 minutes from London Victoria) for a sleepover
- Going to London again on the 6th to see the parade through Chintatown!

My house isn't huge so I'm not sure how many people I can house, but I will tryyyy;;;~ If you can only come on one day maybe it would be nice to come on Sunday so we can see the parade together? *u*

there are also sortof plans for vague casual Fruits Basket cosplay on the Sunday for New Year purposes, but whether you can or not is up to you. ♥

I still have to ask and make definite whether it's ok to have people over that weekend, but what does THWP think of this proposal?

*Black Cameo*
According to my planner, guys, it appears to be THWPIVERSARY TODAY.

Share the THWP love, you scurvy dogs! All our favourite memories, favourite ANYTHINGS.

Why, Red, why?
Eldorado  D:

This is why Red should never be allowed a camera.

(no subject)
APH England pervert face

I'm gonna be using a lot of THWP footage in my documentary.

Please say if you have a big problem with it.

Only my teacher will see it (and I'm totally going to reedit it into a THWP documentary afterwards), so you don't need to worry too much about that, and I'm using group shots rather than individuals (mostly from brighton atm, but I'm looking at the first picnic footage too).  There won't be anything from private stuff like HHH in there.

'S just I don't have much else to use.  XD  Plus the faggotry is beautiful and I want everyone to appreciate it.  <3

What is this
*Black Cameo*
Oh it is a Wiki site. A THWP one, so join it so you can make your dreams come true.

Anyway, if/when you fill in your member pages, please make sure you select 'Members' under 'templates'. Then go nuts.

A Friendly Reminder from Mama
*Black Cameo*
Please note:
Any THWP meets information such as time, dates and locations are not supposed to be given out to anyone who isn't in THWP. This applies to everyone, no exceptions.

Locked posts are locked for a reason - the information in them is for members only. This isn't a general cosplay group, it's a group of friends. This means we want to keep it, understandably, private.

- Mama ♥

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Made in China


Today's photos
X-Men FC: E/C Field photo
DUDES I have the 51 photos I took today! It's easier for me to just give you the link to where I uploaded them all on Photobucket, so view them here! There are 2 pages there. mirimello  you really are the King of Face! XD

*Black Cameo*
They're huge so they're linked instead. I looked stoned but oh god Hannah is adorable.